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  1. 18K Solid Yellow Gold Plain Fish Shape Plain Finished, 15,1X6,5X5X1 mm Pendant, SGTAN-0499, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  2. 18k Solid Gold Charm in  Butterfly Shape Beads -  14,5X17,5X14X1 mm Size, SGTAN-0504, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  3.  Plain 18K Solid Yellow Gold Butterfly Shape Fish Beads For Pendant - 13X16X13,5X1 mm Size, SGTAN-0503, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  4. Solid 18k Gold Charm Pendant With Whale Shape Fish Beads,15X10X6,5X1 mm Pendant Finding, SGTAN-0502, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  5.  14,7X4,5X3,5X1 mm 18 Carat Solid Gold Whale Shape Crocodile Beads For Pendant Making, SGTAN-0501, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  6. 18k Solid Gold Pendant in Whale Shape With Plain Finished -  15X11,5X7X1 mm Size, SGTAN-0500, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  7. 18 Karat Solid Gold Charm With Bird Shape Bead, 15X4X9X0,9 mm Pendant Finding, SGTAN-0498, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  8. Plain 18k Solid Gold Pendant With Bird Shape Beads - 15X4X9X0,9 mm Size, SGTAN-0497, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  9. 18 Carat Solid Gold Deer Shape Bead For Pendant in 9,1X8,5X16,8X0,8 mm Size, SGTAN-0496, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  10. 18k Solid Gold Charm Pendant, 9,8X7,5X12,6X0,8 mm Rabbit Shape Pendant Finding, SGTAN-0495, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  11. 18k Solid Gold Hen Shape Bead For Pendant, 14X3,5X15,5X0,6 mm Pendant Finding, SGTAN-0494, Sold By 1 Pcs.
  12. 18K Solid Yellow Gold Plain  Shape   10X7,3X16,5X8mm Pendent, SGTAN-0493, Sold By 1 Pcs.

12 Showing

Set Descending Direction