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Semi Precious Gemstone Beads


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  1. Rose Quartz Smooth Beaded Beads-5.5x13.5-8x5mm Size And Tube Shape
  2. Rose Quartz Plain Beaded Beads Round Ball Shape, (9-10mm Size )
  3. Rose Quartz Plain Beaded Beads in  4.5-6mm  Round Ball Shape
  4. Rose Quartz Smooth Beads -3mm ( Round Ball Shape)
  5. Rose Quartz Plain Drop Shape Beads - 8x6-13x9mm
  6. Rose Quartz Smooth Beads Rectangle Shape, ( 8x6-13x9,9x8-16x12mm Size)
  7. Rose Quartz  Faceted(Checker Board) Beaded Beads in 10mm Round Ball Shape
  8. Rose Quartz Faceted Oval Shape Beads in 7x7-13x9mm
  9. Rose Quartz Faceted Beaded Beads - 11x9-20x10mm Size and Tumble Shape
  10. Garnet Smooth Stone Beads Round Ball Shape Strand In 8 mm Size
  11. Garnet Plain Beaded Beads- 6-6.5mm  (Round Ball Shape)
  12. Garnet Round Ball Shape- 3-3.5mm Smooth Stone Beads
  13. Garnet  Smooth Rice Beads In 4x7-4x8mm Size
  14. Garnet Plain Beaded Drop Shape Straight Drilled Beads (6.5x4mm)
  15. Garnet Plain Beaded Beads-6-7.5mm Size And Square Shape
  16. Garnet Smooth Beaded Beads- 5x7-7x10mmsize, Kite Shape
  17. Garnet Oval Shape- 7x6-8x6mm Size Plain Stone Beads
  18. Garnet Plain Beaded Beads Wheel Shape Strand In 5-6 mm Size
  19. Garnet Plain  4.5-5mm Size Beads, Roundel Shape
  20. Garnet Smooth Beaded Beads 5x4-9x4mm With Tube Shape
  21. Garnet Plain Roundel Shape Beaded Beads in  4.5-5mm  size
  22. Garnet Faceted Beaded Beads- 6mm  (Coin Shape)
  23. Garnet Bulb Shape 4x4-5x4mm Faceted Stone Beads
  24. Garnet Faceted Bulb Beads,  5x4mm Size
  25. Garnet Faceted Beaded Beads- Cube Shape  (6x4-8x4mm)
  26. Garnet Faceted Beaded Beads- 6x5-7x5.5mm size, Cushion Shape
  27. Garnet Faceted Beaded Beads Tube Shape Strand in 3x6mm size
  28. Garnet Faceted Beads-4x4.5-8x6.5mm Size And Oval Shape
  29. Garnet Oval Shape- 7x5-10x7mm Size Faceted Stone Beads
  30. Garnet Faceted  Stone Beads Pear Shape Strand In 4x6-5x8mm  Size
  31. Garnet Faceted  Stone Beads-6x6 mm With Heart Shape
  32. Garnet Faceted Beaded Beads in 4x4-5x5mm size and Trillion  Shape
  33. Garnet Faceted Beaded Beads Rectangle Shape ,  6x4-8x6mm size
  34. Citrine  Smooth Stone Beads  4x2-5x3mm  (Rectangle Shape)
  35. Citrine 8x7-13x10mm Rectangle Shape Smooth Beads
  36. Citrine  Round Ball Shape- 2.5mm Plain Stone Beads
  37. Citrine  Plain Beaded Beads In 3-4 mm Round Shape Stone
  38. Citrine  Smooth Stone Beads-  5-7mm Round Shape
  39. Citrine Smooth Beads Rice Shape(12x5mm)
  40. Citrine Smooth Beaded Beads Wheel Shape- 6x10 mm
  41. Citrine Plain Beaded Beads Drop Shape Strand In  8x4-15x6mm Size
  42. Citrine Plain Beaded Beads  6x5-11x9mm (Rectangle Shape)
  43. Citrine Plain Beaded Beads Drop Shape, 6x4-14x9mm Size
  44. Citrine  Smooth Stone Beads 6-9 mm With Coin Shape
  45. Citrine  Faceted Stone Beads-6-6.5mm Coin Shape
  46. Citrine Carving Beaded Beads Melon Shape, 6-8 mm Size
  47. Citrine Carving Oval Shape 10x9-16x8mm Stone Beads
  48.  Citrine Faceted Stone Beads Oval Shape, 8x6-14x10mm  Size

Showing 145-192 of 514

Set Descending Direction