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  1. Citrine 7-8mm Smooth Round Ball Beads strand, Citrine Plain Round Ball Beads, Citrine Ball Beads Strand, Citrine
  2. Rose Quartz 9x8-11x8mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Rose Quartz Faceted Oval Beads, Rose Quartz Stone Beads
  3. Green Onyx 9x8-16x12mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Green Onyx Faceted Oval Beads, Green Onyx Faceted Oval
  4. Crystal Quartz Faceted Oval Beads, Crystal Quartaz Stone Beads, Crystal Quartz 9x7-14x10mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand
  5. Crystal Quartz 6x7-6x10mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Crystal Quartz Oval Beads, Crystal Quartz, Crystal Stone Beads
  6. Multi Moonstone 8x7-10x8mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Multi Moonstone Faceted Oval Beads, Multi Moonstone Beads
  7. Peach Moonstone 9x7-12x10mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Gemstone Beads, Peach Moonstone Faceted Oval Beads
  8. Pink Chalcedony 11x9-16x12mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Pink Chalcedony Faceted Oval Beads, Pink Chalcedony
  9. Golden Rutile 9x11mm Faceted Coin Beads Strand, Rutilated Quartaz Coin Beads, Gem Stone Beads, Golden Rutile Beads
  10. Golden Rutile Beads, Rutilated Quartz beads,10x7-12x9mm Faceted Oval Beads Strand, Golden Rutilated Quartz
  11. Golden Rutile 10x10-11x11mm Faceted Square Beads Strand, Golden Rutile Faceted Square Beads Strand, Golden Rutile
  12. Multi Tourmaline 10x9-21x14mm Smooth Nugget Beads Strand, Tourmaline Plain Nugget Beads, Multi Tourmaline Beads
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 515

Set Descending Direction